DevOpsDays Madrid 2020

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DevOpsDays is coming to Madrid in February 2020!

This edition will be one day only, but we promise you'll enjoy this event from beginning to end. Attendees will have the change to have discussions around DevOps within selected areas for open spaces. We're still organizing the event and the agenda, but we're looking forward to having real case studies and experiences from the local community. We're also planning to have speakers from all around the world, so expect talks in English and Spanish. But all depends on who submits and accepts a proposal.

This year you can expect to see: - A variety of topics - Dedicated areas for open spaces - Selected areas for sponsors - Meal and beverage options (especially for vegetarians/vegans!)

Dates and Location

Event Date: Feb 21st, 2020

Location: Universidad San Pablo CEU, Campus de Montepríncipe. Boadilla del monte, Madrid

Call for Speakers

If you're interested in sharing your story/experience in DevOps, please submit a proposal using this page (Koliseo).

Contact Us

Let us know your comments, ideas, or suggestions at

We are looking forward to seeing you in February! And if you'd like to offer your help in some way, reach out to us!